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Barbara MooreAlamogordoNew MexicoHURRAY! What a great website and bunch of astronomers we have! Good job Jerry and Jim for putting together such an informative site.2009-08-02 11:34:00
Michael B. SmithAlamogordoNMThe new website is really amazing! So MANY informative and relevant items for amateur astronomy; this website should be THE MODEL for others. MANY thanks to Jerry, Jim, Joe and BARB for doing such a great job on this. WOW!!! Mike Smith.2009-08-03 04:45:54
GeneStuartFLFantastic site best in ameteur astronomy2009-08-04 09:18:59
Greg FultzAlamogordoNew Mexicogreetings stop by to check out the site looks great! cheers! greg (1prdpgn on twitter)2009-08-30 04:38:04
Nick PorchasYumaAzGreat web site.2009-09-01 10:09:10
Mary Ann WanierCapitanNMWe just found out about your star party Friday when we were at the Space Museum, and are very interested in learning how to better use our telescope. We will try to be at the star party in November. Glad to know about your organization.2009-10-18 01:23:30
Bob RoudebushCarpentersvilleIllinoisHello, my name is Bob and we just arrived at Oliver Lee a few days ago and find you are having a program on the 19th. I came armed with a 10" SN on a go-to GEM and would like to help. Sounds like fun, 2009-12-10 03:53:27
Josh KnutsonRio RanchoNew MexicoGreat work on the website everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at WSSP XI.2009-12-29 12:17:23
David B. WrightAlamogordoNew MexicoGreat Web Site . . . tons of good information. Thank you for supporting the amateur astronomers in this area. Question: Does AAG still host Solar Viewing monthly in Alameda Park? R/ David B. Wright Club President Alamogordo Astronomy Club2010-01-08 07:55:12
Rick YoungMelbourneFloridaWent to the Oliver Lee Program on Feb 13. Nice views and it was good talking with you guys.2010-02-14 12:01:57
Kevin DriscollAlamogordoNMnone2010-08-23 01:07:52
Mark ColeAlamogordoN.M.Thanks... ... to the wonderful people at the Oliver Lee Star party held Sat. Nov 6. I dusted off my scope and brought it out to re-learn how much fun the night sky is. The Amateur Astronomers Group where a great help. Mark 2010-11-08 02:54:09
JEREMIAHKERENSTXnone2011-03-06 03:13:53
Kevin Angevine &Cynthia Bowen-AngevineCedar CrestNew MexicoThanks so much for the great experience at OLSP on March 5, 2011. We appreciate everyone's time and talents so much. We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves, immmensely. We really appreciate all you shared with us.2011-03-12 03:09:12
Sara WilsonAlamogordoNew mexiconone2011-03-19 02:46:21
warren hamburgerRONKONKOMANYi am an advanced amateur astronomer who would like to relocate to new mexico to do some serious dark sky observing. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.2011-05-12 10:41:25
Aiden CruzAlbuquerqueNew MexicoHello, My son Aiden and I (Juan) his father, are tremendously excited to have found your Astronomers Group. My son Aiden is 7 years old, and he is teaching me about the universe due to his brilliance. Can we join? 2011-05-22 10:16:58
John SchrodertularosaNMI came to the event on march 28th, it was a lot of fun and i would like to come again and learn more about astronomy.2011-05-29 10:31:57
frank skrohCarrizozoNew MexicoHow do I become a member? I/we believe that New Mexico is about as close to heaven as you can get without actually having to die first. (wind and dust excepted)2011-11-06 11:45:22
Tony -DavisYorkSouth Carolina none2012-01-08 08:11:39
Michael ValadezAlamogordoNMI had a lot of fun tonight. I felt very welcome which is a rarity when I try to find groups of established people. Also the members were very knowledgeable and more than willing to share that knowledge. I will be coming to every event!2012-01-21 11:50:03
Laura WaterfieldEl PasoTexasI was up there Saturday night with my friend(who's like a dad ). Had a wonderful time. I want to thank you all. I learned a lot and saw things I have never seen before. really cool.2012-05-14 01:48:37
TinaAlamogordoNMThe website looks great!2012-07-09 05:56:57
Michael BaloghAlamogordoNew MexicoHey there!I had no idea there was an astronomy club in my own town! Was wondering where exactly the group shelter is at in Oliver Lee State Park. Thanks, Mike2012-07-20 03:58:27
Kelly RocheAlamogordoNMThank you for sharing your enthusiasm, knowledge, and especially those great telescopes with us beginners!2012-07-29 11:46:18
Arthur AltersonAlamogordoNew Mexiconone2012-09-03 11:09:59
PAMELA SHIVAKANTHEMARIZONAHi there, We met at the Astronomy Expo in Tucson Solar Party. Here's the link to our Facebook Group:!/groups/solaractivity/2012-11-12 11:20:03
Thomas C. SmithWeedNew MexicoI think your web site is very informative. One of these days I do plan on visiting your star party at Oliver Lee and also attending a club meeting. Keep up the good work. Clear Skies Thomas Smith Dark Ridge Observatory2013-02-19 06:26:43
Ronald StewartSimi ValleyCA I am trying to find if any, which amateur telescopes will allow me to connect my DSLR Nikon camera or my macbook in order to capture images? Any suggestions?2013-02-28 05:58:43
steve d rabournruidosoNew MexicoWhat is the location & address where you hold your night time observation events? How many people go? Can I bring my telescope? When is the next event? 2013-04-17 09:07:10
John DuchekCarrizozoNMnone2013-11-13 11:19:51
John W. BriggsEagleColoradonone2013-12-26 03:34:21
Kathy & Steve DiehlAlamogordoNMnone2014-01-02 09:10:57
JAMIEPhoenixvillePAnone2014-06-24 06:49:57
Richard FeitAlamogordoNMnone2014-11-14 01:59:58
Nina McCabeMagdalenaNew MexicoPeople are welcome to Magdalena Star Parties (each April and October) with guides from the Very large Array and MRO. Check the Magdalena Chamber website. Camping permitted.2014-12-08 07:17:38
Carol RoperAlamogordoNMAs a brand new transplant to NM from back east, I am looking forward to joining up and attending your events.2015-04-06 12:51:36
Richard FeitAlamogordoNMnone2015-07-11 01:38:29
Michael BlaylockTulsaOkI have been going to Okie-Tex for the last 6 years, and am looking at moving to your neck of the woods in the next year or two. 2016-03-14 12:12:12
Thomas GreenvilleWII will be moving to area in a few months and will like to join. I do deep sky imaging and plan to build an observatory so am looking to meet members and fellow astronomers . Thanks 2016-05-24 02:27:21
Andee SherwoodLos AngelesCAI enjoyed looking through your web site! Keep up the good work! Andee Sherwood Los Angeles Astronomical Society2016-06-07 06:48:48
Ed ErwinHouston and CloudcroftTX and NMMy permanent residence is in Houston, but I have a home in Cloudcroft. I enjoy viewing the clear skies of New Mexico and enjoy the events hosted by your group.2017-06-15 09:23:52
Dee DivaNewarkNJnone2017-08-21 04:58:20
Natasha Horst de JimenezLs LuzNMIs your solar party in La LuZ elementary for adults too?2018-04-08 11:09:57
LukeDuddridgeNMnone2018-04-22 07:08:33