This is a group of resources compiled by the AAG for educators, groups and individuals

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Astronomy Resources

Solar System Coloring Book (Gr K-4)

NASA Spinoff Coloring Book (Gr K-4)

Guide to the Sun (Gr K-5)

Space-based Astronomy (Gr 5-8)

Make an (edible) Comet (Gr K-6)

Comet Fun Sheet (Gr K-6)

Comet vs. Asteroids Sheet (Gr K-8)

Explore the Moon (Gr 4-12)

Infrared Activity (Gr 4-12)

Explore the Electromagnetic spectrum (Gr 6-12)

Earth Sciences

Reason for the Seasons Link (Gr K-3)

USGS Water cycle (Gr K-3)

Cloud types (Gr K-8)

Build a solar oven (Gr 2-8)

NOAA remote sensing (Gr 4-6)

NOAA global positioning tutorial (Gr 3-8)


Telescope Guide Link

Astronomy Catalogs

Sharpless Catalog

Sharpless HII Regions

RCW Catalog

DWK Catalog

Abell Planetary Nebulae

S&T Carbon Star Catalog

AAG Resource Pages

NOAA and NASA have joined forces to create the ultimate weather website for kids (and adults)! Find answers to mysteries like our changing seasons, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes at NASA SciJinks

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