This is a group of links to common websites associated with astronomy

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Astronomy Websites

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Satellite Tracker

Space Weather



NMSU Astronomy Department

Clovis NM Astronomy Club

Amateur Resources

Need a free planetarium program? Try Stellarium

Need a free .avi stack program? Try Registax

Asteroid Occultation Predictions

American Association of Variable Star Observers

Amateur Spectroscopy

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

Observing Guides from

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Local Public Observatories

New Mexico

Apache Point Observatory

National Solar Observatory

Very Large Array

Magdalena Ridge Observatory


Fred Lawerence Whipple Observatory

Kitt Peak National Observatory

Mt. Graham International Observatory

MMT Observatory

Lowell Observatory


McDonald Observatory


Palomar Observatory

Lick Observatory

Mt. Wilson Observatory

Big Bear Observatory

Griffith Observatory

Our Friends

Dark Ridge Observatory

Tzec Maun

Otero Couny Master Gardeners

Astronomy Friendly Lodging in New Mexico

Two Ponyz Ranch

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On-line Astronomy Radio Shows

Big Picture Science

Astronomy Cast

Let's Talk Stars with David Levy


Astronomy FM

Local Astronomy Clubs

The Astronomical Society of Las Cruces

The Albuquerque Astronomical Society

Neil DeGrasse Tyson can be heard here on StarTalk Radio

Want to learn about the Universe? Listen to 100's of astronomy podcasts at Astronomy Cast

Want to be a citizen scientist and contribute to the understanding of the Universe? Cosmoquest

Follow the Amateur Astronomers Group, get messages and learn of upcoming events at our Yahoo Group

Find out which movies are playing at the Tombaugh Planetarium in Alamogordo

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