AAG Star Party/Outreach Photo Gallery

The Amateur Astronomers Group (AAG) is a volunteer group active in south-central New Mexico promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and astronomy outreach since 2006. The AAG has conducted outreach events in Alamogordo, Cloudcroft and Tularosa, and as far away as Corona, Carlsbad, Santa Rosa, NM and El Paso, TX. The group has supported star parties and science-related events with local schools, libraries, New Mexico state parks and the U.S. National Parks Service. The AAG coordinates with NASA's Space Place and Night Sky Network, along with NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, Chandra X-ray Observatory, SOFIA, GSFC Astrophysics Directorate, NOAA and the National Solar Observatory to bring educational outreach materials to classrooms and events in southern New Mexico.

Joe's solar setup 2/25/2012

Oliver Lee State Park 9/4/2011

Star party 1/22/2011

Solar Star Party 5/28/2011

Solar Star Party 5/28/2011

Solar Star Party 5/28/2011

AAG solar annular eclipse star party at New Mexico Museum of Space History 5/20/2012

Solar star party at Imago Dei Academy on 10/26/2012 in Alamogordo, NM poster boards

AAG members talk about the Sun at Imago Dei Acamedy in Alamogordo, NM (10/26/2012)

Tularosa Public Library Summer Reading Program - moon phases AAG Program (6/21/2012)

Young AAG member's experiment rides to near space (23 miles!) on the Earth 2 Sky Calculus balloon (7/19/2013)

AAG 'Astronomy for Kids' through NMSU-A Community Ed office classroom session (6/2013)

AAG 'Astronomy for Kids' class gets to look at the Sun (6/27/2013)

AAG supported the White Sands Star Party at White Sands National Monument. In 2009, an AAG member was the keynote speaker (9/12/2009)

AAG road trip to Santa Rosa Lake State Park in June 2010. Skies cleared up nicely later on - some of the best views of M51 ever.

The Alamogordo Public Library hosted an AAG star party in August 2012.

AAG sidewalk astronomy in Alamogordo NM (01/16/2014)

AAG sidewalk astronomy viewing Jupiter (01/16/2014)

Viewing our nearest star through solar outreach - local Alamogordo NM school (01/10/2014)

Viewing our nearest star through solar outreach - local Alamogordo NM school (01/10/2014)

Solar outreach at Father James B Hay - Alamogordo NM school. Seventy-eight students viewed the Sun and learned about our nearest star. (02/28/2014)

Solar outreach at Father James B Hay - Alamogordo NM school (02/28/2014)

The AAG set up a solar telescope at the Alamogordo Earth Day celebration. Over 400 people viewed the Sun through the PST. (04/26/2014)

The AAG was invited to the Oregon Elementary School in Alamogordo on 11/22/2014.

The AAG brought white light and H-alpha scopes to Oregon Elementary. Over 300 students attended the event.

Venus transit star party (06/05/2012) at Oliver Lee State Park prior to the crowd arrival

The AAG set up a monitor to view Calcium-K images of the Sun. The group was also playing the "3D Sun" DVD from NASA's STEREO mission on a laptop.

The AAG star party in High Rolls NM. This party was the genesis of the group (9/16/2006).

The AAG held an "Introduction to Space" class as part of the summer reading program at the Tularosa Public Library on 6/26/2014.

The AAG and the NM Museum of Space History held a partial solar eclipse party on 10/23/2014. Over 120 people from the public turned out to view the eclipse.

The AAG supported Family Literacy Day sponsored by the Continuing Education office at NMSU-A on 12/10/2014. Twenty-two students attended the event.

The AAG supported the WSMR Elementary and Middle School Science Night on 1/21/2015. The group set up telescopes outside and had a table inside with outreach material. 40 people stopped by our booth inside.

The AAG set up solar telescopes at the Space Museum for International SUN-day on 6/22/14. On a 102 degree day, we had over 310 people for the event.

A letter we received after a visit to a local school. This really makes it all worthwhile.

The AAG is setting up telescopes at Oliver Lee State Park near sunset. The group holds its monthly dark-sky star parties at the park.

The AAG supported the Yucca Elementary Math and Science Night in Alamogordo on 2/19/2015 with a booth inside as well as telescopes outside.

Students from Tularosa High School Science Club attended an AAG star party at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park on 3/14/15.

The AAG brought out their telescopes to North Elementary School in Alamogordo on 4/25/15 and showed student, parents and teachers the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and the orion Nebula.

In addition to telescopes outside, the AAG had kids activities inside the school on constellations and the scale of the solar system (4/25/15).

The AAG had a presentation on the electromagnetic spectrum. A gas discharge tube and diffraction grating glasses show how we determine the makeup of stars and the gases in the atmospheres of planets (4/25/15).

The AAG also brought a near infrared camera and monitor to help illustrate the electromagnetic spectrum.

The AAG also brought their collection of meteorites to Imago Dei and presented a class on asteroids, comets and meteorites. (5/1/2015)

Now THIS is a star party! Dancing, music, fine dining. The AAG helped support the Otero County Children In Need of Services (CHINS) Galaxy Gala fundraiser at the New Mexico Museum of Space History (4/25/2015).

The AAG teamed up with Trax International and supported the Borderplex STEM Fiesta 2.0 at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, TX. Over 700 students stopped by the booth and received outreach materials from SDO, NASA Space Place and Space Telescope Science Institute. (5/19/2015)

The AAG brought NASA/SDO outreach materials to the NMSU-A Adult Education Open House on May 21, 2015. Seventeen students stopped by our table.

The AAG brought their telescopes to the Tularosa Public Star Party back in June 2009. Eventgoers were treated to a star talk before sundown.

The AAG brought their telescopes to help out the NMMSH Space Camp on 6/18/2015. Twenty kids attended the program and got to see objects like the Moon, Jupiter, M4, M57, and Mizar. Plenty of NASA outreach materials were passed out as well.

The AAG participated in Worldwide Solstice Festival on 6/21/2015. The group brought their solar telescopes to the NMMSH patio and showed more than 80 visitors images of the Sun. The event was sponsored by Daystar Filters and the AAG passed out materials from NASA's Space Place and SDO mission.

AAG member solar telescopes from Coronado and Lunt Solar Systems were used during the event. It was another 100+ degree day on the patio making it feel like the surface of the Sun.

The AAG supported an evening star party out at Aguirre Springs NRA on 7/11/2015. The AAG gave a pre-party talk on the night sky and had a limited viewing before clouds moved back in. Twent eight people from the park, along with members of the local Youth Conservation Corps attended the event.

The AAG supported the NMMSH Space Camp rocket launch on 7/10/2015. A young AAG member launched her MLAS rocket to an altitude of 245 feet. A dual parachute system brought the rocket and capsule down at 7 MPH. The AAG installed a telemetry package into the rocket to record vital flight parameters.

The AAG held a Solar Sidewalk Sunday event on the NMMSH patio on 9/13/15. The group brought their solar telescopes to show the Sun up close and discussed how events 93 million miles away can effect life on Earth. 72 people attended the event.

The AAG Solar Sidewalk Sunday was in celebration of the late sidewalk astronomer John Dobson, the San Francisco amateur who was famous for bringing astronomy to the public. Daystar Filters provided free solar glasses for the event.

Visitors were treated to views of sunspots, prominences and active regions on the Sun (9/13/15).

The AAG held a special Sunday night Moon party at Oliver Lee State Park on 9/27/15. Twenty visitors were treated to a supermoon eclipse set against a starry night and the Sacramento Mountains escarpment.

The AAG supported the New Mexico Museum of Space History Founders Day event on 10/3/15. The AAG set up a booth with plenty of outreach materials from NASA.

The AAG brought their solar telescopes to the Founder's Day event on 10/3/2015. Over 200 people stopped by at the AAG booth and scopes.

The AAG and the New Mexico Museum of Space History supported the 2015 edition of the White House Star Party. The AAG brought telescopes and outreach materials to the event. (10/19/2105)

Seventeen people showed for the White House Star Party even though it was cloudy. Eventgoers were treated to a night sky program in the planetarium and got to see the new projector in action.

The White House Star Party had a comet building demonstration along with a presentation on the size of the solar system.

The New Mexico State Parks Division awarded the AAG with the 2015 Partnership Award in recognition of distinguished service. The AAG has been hosting star parties at Oliver Lee since 2006.

The AAG brought their outreach program to Desert Star Elementary School in Alamogordo. The group had a display table inside where students could do activities on the size of the solar system (1/12/2016)

The AAG brought their telescopes to Science Night at Desert Star Elementary School. Over 100 people came to the event and got to see the first quarter Moon and the Orion Nebula up close.

Diffraction gratings are a way to demonstrate breaking light down into its individual components. Scientists study these components of light to determine the nature of the universe.

The 11-inch Celestron Schmitt Cassegrain telescope is popular at our star party events!

WMSR Elementary/Middle School invited the AAG back to their annual Science Night on 2/11/2016. The AAG brought a telescope and showed 32 visitors views of the first quarter Moon, Uranus and the Orion nebula. The AAG also had a booth inside with activites and outreach material provided by NASA.

The AAG supported the NMMSH Teacher Open House on 2/20/16. A tour group from Belize stopped by to take a look at the Sun through white-light and hydrogen-alpha telecopes.

The AAG brought and passed out outreach and educator resource materials from NASA along with solar glasses supplied by Daystar Filters.(2/20/16)

Over 300 people stopped by the AAG telescopes to catch a peek of the Sun and learn about how the Sun can affect our modern technology. (2/20/16)

The AAG conducted a two-day science fest at Sierra Elementary School in Alamogordo on March 31-April 1, 2016. The group set up solar telescopes outside and explanined the science of the Sun. (3/31/16)

Fifty-one students from the 5th grade class at Sierra Elementary participated in the event. A large prominence was visible along the limb of the Sun. (3/31/16)

The AAG had an activity on the scale of the solar system along with a demonstration on gravity and black holes on Day-two of the science fest. (4/1/16)

The AAG never cancels an event! This image from our 4/16/2016 Oliver Lee star party shows the 11" SCT being set up even with heavy clouds. The clouds cleared and viewers were treated to views of the Moon, Jupiter and several open clusters.

The AAG brought solar telescopes to Imago Dei Academy in Alamogordo on May 9, 2016 so students could view the Mercury Transit. The group also coordinated a web-event at Sierra Elementary for the 5th grade class.

Eighty-five students from Imago Dei Academy viewed the Sun through white light and H-alpha telescopes. Students recieved solar outreach materials from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory and NASA Space Place.

The AAG also brought their solar telescopes to the New Mexico Museum of Space History on May 9, 2016 for the Mercury transit. Here an AAG member stands next to his solar setup consisting of a 130mm Stellarvue, 80mm Lunt H-alha refractor mounted on an Astro-Physics Mach-1 mount. Seventy-five members of the public stopped by for views through the AAG scopes.

An AAG member brought his 11" Celestron Schmitt Cassegrain telescope with white light filter to the space museum in Alamogordo. Sixty-one students from North Elementary in Alamogordo were some who viewed the 2016 Mercury Transit.

The AAG had telescopes set up at our Oliver Lee State Park star party on 5/7/2016. Members from the Cloudcroft High School Astronomy Club came down and viewed galaxies, open clusters, globulars and Jupiter. Twenty-two visitors from the general public also joined us for the event.

The AAG traveled to El Paso, TX to visit Silvestre Reyes Elementary School for their 1st annual STEM Expo. The AAG booth had demonstrations of science and engineering along with plenty of outreach materials from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, Hubble Space Telescope and NASA Space Place. 465 children attended the event on 5/20/16.

Another image from the archive. The AAG held a Venus Transit star party at Oliver Lee State Park on 6/4/2012. The AAG had white light, H-alpha and Calcium-K telescopes at the event.

Joe brought out his 178mm Astro-Physics refractor to Oliver Lee star party back in June 2006.

Another image from the AAG archive. The AAG has been supporting the astronomy outreach proram at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park for over 10 years now. Here is an early image from June 2006.

The AAG initially started as an astronomy outreach program at the New Mexico Museum of Space History. We started a partnership back in 2006 that continues to this day. Here is an archive image from the 2/20/2008 total lunar eclipse event.

Members of the AAG brought thier telescope up to the Imago Dei Academy school campout in Ruidoso, NM on 9/9/2016. About 25 campers were treated to views of Moon, Saturn, Mars, M27, M57, several double stars and the Andromeda Galaxy.

The AAG was invited to Tularosa High School on 9/15/2016 to show students the closest star- our Sun. Seventy-five students stopped by to look through H-alpha and white light telescopes.

Tularosa High School students were treated to view of the Sun and learned how it related to chemistry and physics, math and biology they learn in their classes. They also learned how event 93 million miles away can affect life and our technology on Earth.

The AAG supported National Public Lands Day at Valley of Fires NRA near Carrizozo, NM on 9/24/2016. Over 50 people came out to the park to look at the Sun through the AAG's solar telescopes.

The AAG brought out white light, H-alpha and Calcium-K telescopes to the event at Valley of Fires NRA.

AAG outreach is more than telescopes! The AAG demonstrates STEM principles such as the water cycle in a clasroom setting on 9/20/2016 using concepts from NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement satellite mission.

The AAG brought thier telescopes to Imago Dei Academy in Alamogordo on 5/3/2013 to show the crescent Moon during the day.

The AAG brings NASA outreach materials to teachers and classrooms in southern New Mexico and west Texas.

Boy Scout Troup 220 traveled down from Albuquerque for a private AAG star party at Oliver Lee Memorial Park on 10/8/2016.

The AAG helped Boy Scout Troop 220 toward earning their astronomy merit badges.

The Girl Scouts of the Southwest in Alamogordo asked if the AAG could assist with their Moon Walk program on 10/14/2016. The AAG brought out their telescopes to show the Scouts our nearest celestial neighbor along with views of Saturn. A total of 94 people attended the event.

Members of the Tularosa High School Science Club came out to our event on 11/05/2016. The AAG assisted them in the collimation of their 12 inch Orion Dobsonian scope. The Science Club then viewed the Moon through their telescope before the clouds rolled in.

The AAG coordinated a visit of Mr. Mike Shinabery and Mr. Jeff Killebrew to the Imago Dei Academy STEM Club on October 26, 2016. They described their experiences to the group about flying onboard the NASA SOFIA aircraft in September 2015.

The AAG brought meteorites to class to show some of thier properties and how you can identify them in the field. The class also discovered how we can identify asteriods in space using visible and infrared telescopes.

The AAG brought thier Explore Scientific telescopes to the Imago Dei Academy star party on 1/31/2017. We also brought some static displays and passed out outreach materials.

IDA Students and parents shared views of the crescent Moon, Venus and the Orion nebula.

The AAG was invited back to the WSMR Elementary and Middle School Family Science Night on 2/2/2017. The group brought their scale models of the solar system along with gas discharge tubes and diffraction gratings to see if general public could identify the mystery element. Over 150 people stopped by the booth and we distributed plenty of outreach materials.

Members of the AAG helped coordinate and support the Alamogordo city-wide science fair on 3/18/2017. 126 students from area schools submitted enteries. Members have been supporting the local science fairs since 2013 by volunteering as judges.

Members of the AAG are pouring liquid nitrogen into a balloon to demonstrate Charles' Gas Law at the Imago Dei Academy STEM Class in March 2017.

When imaged in midwave infrared (8-14 um), the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment done by the AAG takes on a whole new dimension. Hot objects show up as orange while cool objects are blue. This reaction is clearly endothermic.

The AAG brought science demonstrations to Sierra Elementary School's Science and Math Night on 3/27/2017. A tabletop magnetic demonstration can be used to show how large magnetic feaures on the Sun work.

The AAG brings plenty of NASA outreach materials that kids can take home. This picture was from our event at Sierra Elementary School on March 27, 2017.

The AAG had students from Imago Dei Academy's STEM Club test various acids and bases and learn about the pH scale.

A member of the AAG demonstrated high speed photography to members of the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce just like what is done on the TV show 'Mythbusters'. The water retains the shape of the balloon momentarily after it is popped. This was shot at 2,000 frames per second. (9/2016)

The AAG coordinated a model rocket 'build and launch' seminar with the Imago Dei Academy STEM Club in on 4/18/2017. The students learned about Newton's Laws of Motion and launched rockets provided by the AAG as a finale.

Members of the AAG brought the solar car competition to Imago Dei Academy's 5th grade class. Members conducted classes on the science of the Sun and how that energy can be harnessed to power a car. The class had to address engineering concepts as weight-to-performance, friction and solar panel efficiency. They also learned how to solder! We placed 2nd out of 10 entries. (4/29/17)

The AAG supported an overnight star party for 7th grade students from The Montessori School from Albuquerque, NM at White Sands National Monument on 5/9/2017. The AAG set up several telescopes to look at the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and a few double stars. The group also provided STEM outreach materials and teacher resources to 33 students and 4 teachers.

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